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Airgain’s mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of throughput optimized antenna systems and validation services, enabling advances in wireless connectivity for in-home, enterprise, and M2M applications.

What does Airgain do?
Airgain is a leading provider of embedded antenna technologies used to enable high performance wireless networking across a broad range of home, enterprise, and industrial devices. Through our expertise in the design, integration, and testing of high performance embedded antenna technology, we have become a leading provider for the residential wireless local area network (WLAN) antenna market, supplying to leading carriers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), and system designers who depend on us to achieve their wireless performance goals.
What is the company’s history?
The company was founded in 1995 as AM Group and later changed its name to Airgain, Inc. in 2004. We design, develop, and engineer our antenna products globally for original equipment and design manufacturers, and partner with and supply the largest blue chip brands in the world. Airgain is currently headquartered in San Diego, CA, with office space and research facilities in San Diego; Cambridge, UK; Shenzhen and Suzhou, China; Taipei, Taiwan; and Seoul, South Korea.
How many employees?
We currently have 48 employees and 25 consultants.
When did the company go public?
The company went public in August 2016.
What is Airgain’s ticker symbol and exchange?
Airgain’s ticker symbol is AIRG and the company’s shares trade on the NASDAQ.
When is the company’s fiscal year end?
Airgain’s fiscal year end is December 31.
Who is Airgain’s transfer agent?

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Phone: 800-937-5449

Who are Airgain’s auditors?
4747 Executive Dr., Ste 600
San Diego, CA 92121
How do I request financial materials?
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